Thursday, June 30, 2011


A rainbow with a mouthful of articulated Galloup's Sex Dungeon (that would be the fly). There might be plenty of bugs hatching and fish looking up, but don't forget your streamer box and your sink tips.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Good Start

The First Times a Charm.
Nori had never picked up a fly rod before hopping in a drift boat and setting out on the Upper Andro. After a half hour down and dirty 'guide special' casting lesson at the beginning of the day, he was getting tight on quite a few 'bows. Below was one of three doubles that he and his buddy Masayuki teamed up on.... in a row!
Rainbow x 2
Streamers continue to put a lot of fish in the basket, especially on cloudy days. Alder flies (aka Zebra Caddis) are coming off in droves, so don't ignore some fat green caddis nymphs on the drift and a Barr's Graphic caddis on the swing can be deadly. In the evenings, pay attention the scum lines in the back eddies for snouts eating spent egg layers.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Brown trout and cowboy hats... they sort of go together. 
It's summer time... officially. But the thanks to a slow start we are still experiencing late spring conditions, which means the fishing is good, very good. Looking forward to the big bugs of summer; Iso's, Hex's, and Alder's will get ready to take center stage. Some cloudy and wet weather to finish the week should help to keep water temps and levels in good shape for some time to come.

This is the payback for a very wet spring that brought river levels to unimaginable levels when we should have been fishing on them.

Also, we have some good dates for July and August. Think poppers. Think ridiculously big streamers. Think aggressive fish that pull. Hard. Yup, we are talking about big river smallmouths. If you haven't gone green, you should. These fish don't disappoint, and will likely leave you wondering why you waited so long.


Monday, June 13, 2011

It's All Good!

Mmm... Fish Lips.
It's been a while since we did and update... and that's because the fishing has turned on in a big way! It was bound to happen, the rivers dropped, water temps are hovering near perfect, and this week's forecast is calling for more cloudy and cool weather to keep things in the 'happy place'. We have seen some absolutely epic days in the past week. It's not all about stacking up body counts, but nobody complains when there are a lot of bent rods throughout the day. The calender is jammed up until mid-July, so if you are going to be around this summer and want to get out and feel the tug then shoot us and email or give us a ring and we can plan something out.

Here are some fun pics from the past week...

Yup, she is excited.

That dude knows how to catch fish (and that is a sweet hat).
Dudes with lippers and Moxie hats are generally bad news for trout.
Yes, you too can tangle with Maine's hardest pulling game fish. Guaranteed to wear your arm out.

Let the good times roll!!