Monday, March 12, 2012

Apres Fish

Did I finish that sandwich?
Everyone's got to eat. Quite a few of the people who fish with us stay along the coast or within easy striking distance- which means there are a ton of really good restaurants to choose from. Often we get asked about places to get a good meal. Sure you can find pretty good pub and grub just about anywhere these days, but if you want to eat really well, like really well, plan on grabbing a bite at one of these spots while you are here. Just make sure you make a reservation.

Primo, Rockland:  Straight from the farm to the table. 2012 Winner Andrew Harper Grand Award- Restaurant of the Year. We don't even know what that means, but the food is really good. 

Hugo's, Portland: Former Napa Valley French Laundry Chef Rob Evans lands in Portland, Maine. Winner of the 2009 Jame's Beard Foundation's Best Chef Northeast. I once guided some folks who told me about flying to Napa just to eat at French Laundry. I was baffled, they could have just come up to Portland and fished with me.

Five Fifty Five, Portland: Another Napa transplant settles in Portland. Wine Spectator Award of Excellence 2010. I think there is a trend here.

Fore Street, Portland: Portland's old standby- wood burning ovens churning local foods from farms and the sea.

So while your guide's dinner might consist of rummaging through the cooler on the drive home looking for left over's from the days lunch- you have some better options.

Foodies rejoice.


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ok, I'm inspired- now let's go fish.

Since it's the end of winter, we could probably all use a little inspiration. 

Mike D. passed this over to us, and we're glad he did. 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fish Art

Since it's still winter and there is not a lot of fishing going on at the moment; and I'm about tired of tying flies; and some buddies have given me grief about writing lengthy dissertations that begin as random thoughts and end up as cheaply dispensed advice- I digress.

I actually saw this video posted on Moldy Chum the other day and really enjoyed it. It features the art work of Derek DeYoung and his Canvasfish Studio based in trout mecca Livingston, MT. And since I also really enjoy DeYoung's work,  I figured I'd share the video here.

Even if you aren't familiar with Canvasfish, chances are you've seen DeYoung's work adorning an Abel reel or on any number of Simms items. As he says in the video, his style may not suit everybody's taste, but one thing is for sure, it's unique with distinct qualities, which certainly sets it apart.

Grab a good cup of coffee, sit back, and enjoy. If nothing else, the imagery will get you stoked about your next trip to the 406.