Sunday, April 25, 2010

What an April!

What an awesome April! The picture above was from the Height of Land on Rt. 17. We were up there fishing last week in the cold with 8" of fresh snow mixing with rain. It was pretty miserable and the fishing pretty slow. Down this way, it has been a whole different story.

April usually means slow fishing in the rivers due to high, dirty, and cold water. Not this year. April has fished more like May and this one has to go down as the best that I have ever witnessed. We have had unseasonably warm weather and as a result, water temps are in the low to mid 50's on most small rivers. Things are running a good 3 weeks ahead of schedule. The fishing on the small rivers has been absolutely phenomenal. All month long I've have had really good results by going deep with nymphs. A good bet this time of year are midge larvae in gray or white (Barr's Pure Midge). The streams and small river bottoms are covered in black fly larvae. These are a translucent grayish-white color and I'm pretty sure the fish eat them like we would pick at a bowl of popcorn set down in front of us. Add plenty of weight to get deep and suspend the rig under a thing-a-ma-bobber and you are in the game.

If you have been waiting for May or June to get out an fish... don't! Get out there now and catch some fish during one of the best springs we have had in a long time.

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