Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bring out the GINK...

This is no Pulp Fiction... Dry fly season is here! Fished a local stream today and fish were rising everywhere. There were at least 4 different species of caddis, some hatching, some ovipositing. There were also good numbers of spinners, like this one on the inside of my wind shield. Fish of the day was this wild brown that was mad as hell and pulled like an ox. He sipped a tan para-caddis with a bright yellow foam post and a dark sheen wing... my bet is that it mimics a dead egglayer because it rides super low in the film... and that yellow post is really easy to see!
Water temps are steady at 56 degrees... despite the recent cold nights with frost... so much for my predictions about that!
Sure Bets:
Lawson EZ Caddis tan #14-16
Dark Sedge Caddis #18
Elk Hairs #14-18 (to match the egg layers)
Green Graphic Caddis #14-18
Mahogany Spinners #12
Rusty Spinners #14-16
Midge Larvae #14-18 droppers fished deep...

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