Monday, December 6, 2010

Big and Little

"The difference between a good fisherman and a great one? A BB."
The Little Red Book of Fly Fishing

It's cold and catching trout in moving water means getting down deep. Try a heavy point fly and midge dropper... and don't forget a BB- or two.

Tiger Midge. Drop it off a heavy point fly and run it deep. Tied on a TMC 2487 scud hook in size 18 and 16. Orange glass bead, thread body, black ultra-wire rib, midge krystal flash wings and an Ice Dubbed thorax.
Ice Stone. Stoneflies are usually associated with summer, but the nymphs are always losing their grip and tumbling around in streams and rivers and make a good bite for a half frozen, lazy trout. Tied on an Owner SSW Cutting Point hook size 4, goose biot tails and antennae and flex floss legs. The body is dubbed with Ice Dubbing and the shell back is thin skin. Weighted with a tungsten bead.


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