Saturday, January 15, 2011

Winter Warmer

"Geesh- It's almost Spring!"- 
My Overly Optimistic Brother (yesterday)

"2 degrees F" -
The Thermometer at My House (this morning)

It is officially wicked cold right now. Here is a short slide show from last season- hopefully a bit of inspiration and a reminder that it really won't be long now and we will all be doing this again.

In the mean time, we are getting ready to roll out on a steelhead mission... we've been spinning glo-bugs and painting beads at the cyclic rate (okay, Mike D. has been hand painting the beads). Now we just need to pray for a break in the weather. Hopefully we don't spend four days hunkered down in a local watering hole while winter does what it does best outside.

Dear Mr. Weatherman: air temps in the 30's and no wind, thanks. Stay tuned- full report coming soon.
(Yes, Mike DeCoteau is truly a mad-man)

If you can't get out and fish, might as well hunker down with a well-hopped malty-beverage and watch some tube. It might not cure the jones, but it will help stoke the fire in your belly in anticipation of spring. Recently got to check out Eastern Rises- the latest release from Felt Soul Media. There's a lot of really good fish-film (i.e. "porn") out there these days, but Eastern Rises has distinguished its self from the pack. Definitely worth checking out:

I'm going to go tie some mice now.

Stay Warm,


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