Saturday, May 7, 2011

Good Stuff

Recently had a chance to check out some very cool river restoration work that has taken place here in Maine. The Bear River, and Sunday Rivers in Newry are important cold water tributaries of the Androscoggin River, and home to rainbow trout, brook trout, and browns. Last year a joint venture between public and private entities conspired to help stabilize and restore the stream bank.

The result is a win for the fish and the folks who live near the river; which really sounds like the perfect solution doesn't it?


Trout Magee said...

Sounds like the right plan to me. Just found your blog on OBN. You got a new follower. from a fisherman from the land of cheese to a fellow fisherman from the land of the best water in the world....Tight Lines!

Wild River Angler said...

Thanks Trout!