Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Fresh Look

Topped off and ready to go...
Over the past week we've learned more about web design/hosting/mastering/insanity than we ever cared to know. 

The good news is we are all fixed up and the new site is up and running. We cleaned it up a bit, consolidated things, got rid of some old stuff, and are pretty happy with the new look. It's not a radical departure from the old, but it seems to have a cleaner and more streamlined feel. Find our new site here...

On another note, the fly boxes are full and some warm days have reminded us that we seem to have rounded the corner and are heading toward another spring. I've got to say, we got off pretty easy this winter. At this rate, barring the epic rain that we saw last year, it could be a short run-off season and things could pick up pretty fast. 


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