Sunday, April 1, 2012

Cold Start

Jimmy Legs- I missed you. 

2012 is officially underway! There was frost on the oar locks this morning, but despite the cold, the fishing didn't disappoint. With flows down, I have a feeling some smaller rivers and streams that I hold dear are going to be fishing very well this week. Nymphs, two or three of them, lots of weight. These are your friends. Put the tungsten putty right to it. I had some poor confused feller accuse me of fishing a mackerel rig this morning. Whatever.

Bro-ha with a leaper.

Let the good times roll!



Matt said...

Nicely done. One of these years, I'm going to hit an opening day up in Maine.

Wild River Angler said...

Matt, the good news is that fishing is only going to get better before it gets worse from this point forward! Hope to see you guys soon!