Sunday, July 4, 2010

Pick Your Poison

The smallmouth fishing is like the weather right now- red hot. The bass are actively feeding throughout the water column (and the day), which means you can pick your poison. Sliders on the drift, buggers banged off the bank, or nymphs and crayfish on the dead drift will all produce fish. If you haven't tried the bass on a fly game, do yourself a favor and give it a whirl. If you a need a guide, give us a call!

It is no secret that Maine has some outstanding smallmouth fishing. And fishing the big rivers for smallies is a unique experience that is every bit as much fun, challenging, and scenic as chasing their cold water relatives. I've heard the lame cliche' that "trout don't live in ugly places, bass do", well who ever came up with that one was probably referring to their grand daddy's farm pond back in Iowa after they had transplanted to a Rocky mountain state. Trust me, I like catching trout probably more than the next guy, but Maine has some beautiful stretches of smallmouth river loaded with fish that are wild, aggressive, and strong.That is just to much to pass up!

"Bad Medicine"

One of the deadliest patterns you can throw at bass are crayfish. There are a bunch of patterns that imitate a crayfish to some degree or another. This is one of my favorites. It's a spin-off on Clouser's Crayfish, with the biggest difference being the fur "claws". I like to fish it on a sink-tip and bounce it along the bottom with short quick strips mixed in with some pauses. Read the water just like a trout stream, hit your buckets, seams, and shelfs- and have fun.


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