Tuesday, July 20, 2010


It's popper season. The bass are aggressively attacking poppers on the surface, and for the first time this season we actually saw poppers out produce sub-surface presentations. Although poppers are bringing good numbers of fish to hand, don't be afraid to go deep mid-day during bright sunny afternoons if top water action starts to slow down. Switching up to a sink-tip and getting down in the main channel with a meaty streamer will likely produce some of the better fish of the day.

If you aren't down with articulated streamers yet- get with the program! If thingamabobbers were the last major gear innovation that brought marked results- these might be the next big thing to catch on. Originally designed to entice aggression strikes from big trout, these patterns are proving deadly on bass as well. Think "Jointed Rapalas"... with a fly rod. Scary stuff.

More on these later...


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