Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Second Season

The geese are grouped up and this morning it was 47 degrees- sure signs of things to come. I know we are still in for some hot weather, but at this point we are on the downhill side of another summer looking forward the "second" trout season. And with mornings like that past few, you can almost believe it.

Water temps checked in at 62 degrees this morning on the Swift River near Roxbury.  Small freestones are low, and clear right now.  The fish, especially rising ones, are super-spooky. One bad cast will put them down.  With that said, remember that false casting spooks trout, probably more than any other factor. Keep it to a minimum and direct the false casts out of target zone until you are ready make your shot. The drill right now is about as technical as it gets in this neck of the woods. Long tippets, perfect drifts, and delicate casts are the magic bullet.

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